What does a post partum doula do?

After birth all mums need a bit of care. In many cultures, ancient and modern the mother is given laying in time to recover from childbirth and learn about herself and her new baby..

A post partum doula is an emotional and physical support to a new mother. Her role is many faceted – it could be just being a trusted person to leave the baby with whilst mum catches up on sleep or has a shower. It could be cooking some dinners so the pressure is off in the evening. It could be having a cup of coffee and a listen whilst you pour out your feelings. It could be helping with breastfeeding and routine. It is any of those and more.

Each post partum experience, as with each birth, is unique so each post partum doula will provide unique support for your new family.

Post partum doula packages are available on a hour by hour rate or you can purchase a block of six – please call 009335077771 for more information

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