What does a doula do?

Originally from the Greek word for a female slave the meaning has changed over time but we do still serve women. We are not medically trained but we do provide emotional support during labour, childbirth and the period after the baby has been born (post partum).

Our aim is to ensure that your childs birth is nurtured, confident and empowered. Our job is to keep you calm. To support you and your partner as you grow your family. To help keep a safe and tranquil space for you to deliver your child. To ensure you are informed about the procedures that are happening and that they are happening with your consent. Whilst your medical caregiver focuses on you and your baby, our job, as a doula, is to focus on giving you emotional, physical, nurturing and spiritual support. Our role is to be by your side no matter what sort of birth you are intending to have.

The journey towards birth can be one full of excitement, joy and anticipation as well as nerves, fear and anxiety. A birth doula can help by listening, by educating, by supporting and providing a calm space for you.

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