What does a Childbirth Educator do?

So I’m going to be honest – I love childbirth education classes.

I like the interaction, I like the flexibility of online and the physicality of classes in person, I like the ‘oh, I get it moments,’ and the ‘oh, really?’ ones, I like seeing partners realise that they are so so important in childbirth, that their role is not just passive, I like teaching non medical ways to cope with the sensations of childbirth and couples understanding that medication does not have to be the first option.

I’m a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator which means I have access to the latest evidence and continuous training.


Dinner Date classes

Dinner date classes are designed to be the cost of a takeaway (hence the name!). If you do not want the full package or know you will be having an induction or c-section or just want to know about pain relief then these are the classes for you.

Cost 10-15bd class dependent.  Class time 1-2 hours

Full course of five classes

This gives us much more time to go in-depth and explore any issues that you may have particular concerns with.  Included in this package is my preparation for breastfeeding class which really helps you get feeding your baby onto a good start.

Cost 50bd for five classes.  Class time 1-2 hours each

Preparation for Breastfeeding class

This is a one off class which will give you a good grounding in what to expect from breastfeeding.  We focus on latch and position as well as supplies needed and where to get additional support.

Cost 10bd.

Plus as with all my clients you get access to files within my client area so you can look over information at your convenience and know that you have a trusted source of information handy.

Please contact me on:

0097335077771 or Bahbabelle@yahoo.com if you would like more information.