What does a breastfeeding counsellor do?

A breastfeeding counsellor is someone who is trained to support you as you breastfeed. We advise on latch and technique, give you support if you have concerns and things aren’t as smooth as you think they should be.

I offer preparation for breastfeeding classes which are a really useful way to get you prepared. Offered towards the end of pregnancy you learn how to prepare for success from the moment the baby is born, what to expect in the first few days and information to help you understand the benefits, how to understand your baby’s cues and give the confidence that you are supported.

Breastfeeding preparation classes are 20BD

If you would like support once the baby is born, are worried about growth spurts, night feeds or just want a bit of reassurance that you’re doing right then you can contact me a one on one support session.

Breastfeeding counselling session 20BD

A breastfeeding counsellor is not a medically qualified position but I am linked to Lactation Consultants (who are) and can refer you to them.

On the drop down links you will find carefully curated information to support you. When you become a client I will give you a password which will then allow you to access the information. It is designed to give you continuous access to breastfeeding information and I hope you will find it useful.

If you are a client, have made a payment and have not received a code then please text me on 0097335077771.

If you are not a client but wish to access my information then please contact me for ways in which I can help you.

Thanks a lot!