Things to think about immediately baby is here

Things to consider for this stage in your birth plan:-

Delayed cord clamping – It is estimated that up to 30% of your baby’s blood supply is in the cord so delaying clamping by just one minute can be enormously beneficial.  It also helps increase blood supply to their lungs as well decreases their risk of anaemia.

Wiping the babychances are when your baby is born it will be covered in vernix, a thick greasy white substance.  Not only has this substance protected your baby’s skin whilst you were pregnant but it also has anti-oxidants, anti-infection properties and helps keep them warm.  Amniotic fluid also kept your baby safe through your pregnancy but it also smells similar to a hormone that your breasts will be emitting – your baby will smell this and helps it to form a natural cue for feeding.  If you can delay a baby’s first bath for at least 12 hours then you are passing on valuable protection as well as helping the baby learn how connected they are to you.

Skin to skin – a great way to get the oxytocin flowing.  The love hormone is responsible for milk production.  Yet dads also benefit from skin to skin – it increases their oxytocin levels as well as their cortisol.  This is the hormone responsible for aggression but in new fathers it comes out as their protective instinct.

Active management of the third stage – will the hospital actively help you deliver the placenta with injections or can you pass it on your own?

If you want to – can Dad catch the baby? You have to ask if this is an option but you may be allowed to ‘catch,’ the baby as they are delivered and place them on your wife’s belly.