Penny has this amazing ability to connect right away. She becomes your family when you are away from home. With a lot of knowledge to guide you pre and post pregnancy, she also knows the facilities on the island in and out. So you feel safe following her advice. My third trimester was difficult physically and she did everything in her power to get me through it. She is THE one to go to!!

Jhilmal – August 2019

As a first time mother, Penny has been a tremendous help to me with great advice and support when needed after our daughter was born. She is not just a friend but also someone you can turn to for those questions you might have when it comes to your pregnancy and/or after care. 
Would happily recommend her to other first time mothers or anyone in need of some great advice or a doula.

Lina Stahl June 2019

It’s taken me far too long to write this review but I’ve been struggling to find the right words. As a first time mum in a country where I had made very few friends and had no family, Penny became my family, my friend and a huge support from the minute I met her. She put me at ease and saw me on some of my darkest days, helping me get through some really tough times. 
If you are even considering having a doula for any part of this process, meet Penny. She became the person I didn’t know I needed.

Scarlett Murphy May 2019