Peanut balls

Oh my goodness I love a peanut ball! Honestly they are amazing. * They are shown to decrease labour time and increase the chances of ‘a spontaneous vaginal birth,’ and for all the good that they do there is nothing complicated about them at all.  They are just a large peanut shaped ball.

So how do they work?

Very simply – they just go between the legs and help keep the pelvis open. Thats it.

So why the fuss? Well by keeping the legs open, the pelvis is active, open and engaged which in turn allows your body to make room for the baby to descend down towards the cervix. This in turn helps to speed labour up potentially reducing it by up to 90 minutes, pushing stage can be reduced by up to 23 minutes!

When and how do you use them?

The best time to use them is when you are bed bound in labour so if you’re having an epidural, on the foetal heart monitor or just taking a rest.  By creating this opening of the legs then you are really are allowing much more space for baby to descend.

When you are using a peanut ball remember that you still have to turn over – its up to you how regularly that should be but a good guide is every hour or so. If you can also use this as an excuse for a bathroom break.

Where can I get one?

You buy them online or sports shops may carry them.  I found mine in the sports section of a supermarket so its worth looking around for them.  You can use a foam roller wrapped in some towels to make it wider – even though it won’t be as wide it is still better than nothing! You can also ask your doctor if the hospital has them too. Just make sure that it feels comfortable and we are not going to be hurting your hips with it.