Exercises to help get baby in a good position

So disclaimer – I am not qualified in prenatal fitness.  Before starting on any of these please check with your doctor that you are fit enough!

I also don’t believe in overloading you with exercises so these are just two things that I think are super helpful tp help stretch and lengthen your body so you and your baby are in the best possible position.

Forward Inversion

This is a super simple way to lengthen your torso and allow your baby to get into a great position for delivery by stretching those ligaments and muscles in the front of your belly. Please make sure you have assistance when doing this and this is something that you would look at doing just once a day as its a super powerful exercise.

This technique was developed by Spinning Babies and I’ve included their link as well as a YouTube vide and infographic so you can see the best way to get into this position.




So why squat? well its a a great way of strengthening those pelvic floors (trust me – start that process now as when you’re older you’ll wish you had!) It helps open the pelvis and allows that to spread which in turn gives the baby lots of room to maneuver down.  How often should you do this? Well set yourself a little mental note that whenever you boil the kettle or clean your teeth, take your make up off or decide what to watch on the TV  you do so in a squatting position.  A few times a day for a few minutes each time does work wonders!


Now this lady in the infographic is using a weight – unless you want to you don’t have to.

If you experience any soreness, bleeding, discomfort – stop!

If your doctor tells you not to do these exercises – please don’t!