Going home


You may still be having a little bit of pain but nothing compared to the immediate period after the birth. Your scar will be a bit sore, maybe even numb but that should improve as your recovery progresses.  The wound may even be a bit itchy as it still heals so ask your health care provider for some cream to help.  It will gradually fade over time.

Please contact your provider immediately if:-

  • The pain in your scar is persistent.
  • The skin around the incision turns red.
  • If there is any yellow discharge from the wound.

Take it easy

During your recovery try to avoid any heavy lifting.  Do not lift your baby when they are in their car seat.  If you have a two storey house then make sure you have baby things downstairs to save you countless trips up and downstairs.  

Bahbabelle Tip: After three or four weeks you may well feel back to normal.  You are not.  You have had major abdominal surgery and this is the prime time for you to do too much and then end up with an infection so REST!

Limit your visitors

You will have a lot of friends and family want come and see you and meet the latest addition to the family.  It is a really good idea to limit that number in the first few weeks to give you  time to recover from the operation as well as bond with the new baby.  If people insist on coming then ask them to bring something – milk, a take out coffee, dinner, bread, things you may need or give them a job such as looking after the baby whilst you shower or nap, or ask them to run you places in the car – use the love and the desire to support you – people really won’t mind. 

Rest and hyydrate

You have had a baby but you have also had major abdominal surgery so rest is key to your recovery and avoiding infection.  Hydration is vital for successful breastfeeding and also avoiding any urinary tract infections.