Breastfeeding Terminology


This is the first milk that your breasts produce. You start making this when you are pregnant and it can start leaking before the baby is born (don’t worry if yours haven’t – every woman is different. It has less fat so less calories then breastmilk but is full of antibodies that are needed line your baby gut.


This arrives on day three or four post partum and is around 50% fat.


This is the milk that comes out first. Not as fatty it is believed to satiate thirst in your baby.


This milk follows the foremilk and has higher fat content.


This tends to happen around day three when you transition from colostrum to breastmilk. It can also occur if baby skips a feed or you forget which side you’ve fed on overnight.

Blocked Ducts

This is when the milk ducts get a blockage. It can be got rid of with heat and massage. If you get one then try and clear it as it can lead to mastitis.