Breastfeeding Resources


Here in Bahrain

Penny White Certified Breastfeeding Counselor 35077771

Dr Zainab Al Hadi Mohsen IBCLC, Ibn al Nafees Hospital 17828213

Internet If you are concerned that baby has a food intolerance If you have to take any medication then this has the most comprehensive list on whether or not it would be compatible with breastfeeding. Evidenced based advise. La Leche League main website

There is so much out there that if you can’t get the help you need from these or are getting confused then send me a text.

Social media -Breastfeeding Guidance and Support UK. This is a great group to ask questions on, really active admin and very friendly. – Minibahba20. A group set up by me and Tracey Clough to support new mums here in Bahrain. – yourtwojugs. Great for problem solving particular focus on blocks and mastitis. – lucywebber_ibclc. British based IBCLC covers lots of different breastfeeding issues. – pt.hussban is based in Saudi Arabia and is a childbirth educator, IBCLC as well as expert in fitness in pregnancy and the post partum time.