About me

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a photo of yourself on your own as a mum? All my photos are of my children or my husband and seeing as I’m the main photographer there are very few of me! That is the perfect snapshot (pun intended) about life as a mother – they are always before me.

So I know what its like to have children, having three girls of my own and two stepdaughters. I live in a house full of noise, dogs and cats and life is busy!

But my own road to getting here hasn’t been easy – I have a less then 50% success rate in pregnancy – I’ve had an emergency c-section and planned c-sections. I’ve bottle fed and breast fed. If I have learnt anything through all of that is that motherhood is hard, it is wonderful, it lifts you up and you can also be so lonely, it can be euphoric and completely terrifying. But for your children there is no one in the world like their parents.

So following the birth of my youngest I decided to retrain as a doula. Not because I am a particular believer in one form of childbirth over another but because I have had the worst things said to me at the darkest times. I have had my abilities doubted and I have learnt lessons. If I can make one woman feel empowered, feel strong enough to trust herself and her abilities, then that is passing on hope for generations to come.

Please contact me on the email or phone number listed below if you want more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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