Have you got any idea how hard it was to find a photo of me? All my pictures are of my three daughters, my husband, the dogs, the cats……..

That pretty much sums up life as a mother – there is always someone else to take photos of, to look after and care for. This is why I’m so passionate about my job – mothers, especially new mothers need care to blossom.

As a Birth Doula – I am trained to provide emotional, physical, psychological, and/or educational support to families during the pregnancy, birth and beyond.

As a Post Partum Doula – I provide emotional and physical support to women and their families in the period after the baby is born.

As a Breastfeeding Counsellor – I help mothers learn how to feed their babies in the way that is optimal to them. Education, provision resources will help you through any problems you may encounter.

As a a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator – by providing a flexible arrangement of dinner date one off classes or a longer block of five lessons I help you prepare for the birth of your baby in a positive, calm and engaging manner.

You are not alone – I will support you however I can.

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Email:- bahbabelle@yahoo.com